Structured Deposit conference on November 10th!


The 2018 CBA-SE conference on ‘Structured Deposits: definitions, developments and debates’ is taking place on Saturday 10th November at Chertsey Hall, KT16 9DR

2018 Structured Deposit conference

Speakers include Jon Cotton (Surrey Archaeological Society) on 'The Archaeology of Ritual and Magic', Dr Catriona Gibson (University of Reading) 'Graves as Structured Deposits? Revisiting Early Bronze Age Burial Practices in Southern Britain', Rachel Wilkinson (University of Leicester/British Museum) 'Hiding in Plain Sight? Iron Age hoards in the South East', Dr Alex Davies (Oxford Archaeology) 'Unusual Deposition on Bronze Age and Iron Age Settlements and Hillforts in the Thames Valley', Prof Michael Fulford (University of Reading) 'Ritual Behaviour in Roman Britain', Dr Sam Moorhead (British Museum) 'The Frome Hoard and other Coin Finds – Money for the Gods?', Dr Clifford Sofield (University of Oxford) 'Abandoned buildings, doorways, and boundaries: Anglo-Saxon placed deposits in context', Dr Eleanor Standley (University of Oxford) 'Hoards and Emotions in Later Medieval England'    

Tickets £20.00 for CBA South-East and Surrey Archaeological Society members (and students) / £25.00 for non-members

For any questions, please email the organiser, Anne Sassin, and visit

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