Surrey Industrial History Group (SIHG)


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Surrey Industrial History Group (SIHG) holds a fortnightly lecture series on industrial archaeology each year at the Education Centre, the Cathedral, Guildford. SIHG also arranges other meetings and visits in Surrey and farther afield and carries out research, recording and restoration projects.

More information is available on SIHG's Web Site.

                                                                         Lecture Series at Guildford and at Leatherhead 

Guildford Satellite Map
SIHG is a group with an active membership. It grew out of an adult education course on industrial archaeology held at the University of Surrey in 1975. The Group holds a lecture series from September to March each season. There are also two lecture series each year held at Leatherhead. In addition it is actively involved in several projects, and produces occasional publications and a regular newsletter.

The Group makes an annual award in the form of a plaque for a conservation project in the county. It maintains close contact with other bodies in Surrey, including the County Council, the Museums Group and the Local History Council.

SIHG is a founder member of the South East Region Industrial Archaeology Conference (SERIAC) and is affiliated to the national Association for Industrial Archaeology (AIA). In 1990 the Group hosted the Annual Conference of the AIA.