Publications Sales List

The publications listed below are available by post from the Administrator at Surrey Archaeological Society, Castle Arch, Guildford GU1 3SX ( . Please add postage and packing as stated. Publications may also be purchased in person from the Society's office at Castle Arch or from the Guildford Museum Shop. Discounts: 5% on orders of £30 to £50; 10% on orders over £50

Volumes 1-50 (where available individually priced)
Volumes 50-94 paperback £2.00; hardback where available £3.00
Volume 95 £10.00
Volume 96 £10.00

Volume 97 £10.00

Volume 98 £10.00

Index to volumes 21-38 £2.00
Index to volumes
39-60 £2.00
Index to volumes
61-70 £2.00

Research Volumes (add £2 p&p per volume)

No 1 Excavations in Old Town Croydon; The Montague Close Delftware Factory; Excavations of a glasshouse at Norfolk House, Lambeth;The River Wey bridges between Farnham and Guildford. (1974) £2.00
No 2 Alsted: excavation of a 13th/14th century sub-manor house, Netherne Wood, Merstham, by L Ketteringham. (1976) £2.00
No 3 Archaeological implications of gravel extraction in north west Surrey; Montague Close excavations; Saxon barrow at Gally Hills; St Catherine's Hill; Mesolithic industry of Weston Wood, Albury. (1976) £2.00
No 4 Brooklands, Weybridge: 1964-5, 1970-1, by Rosamond Hanworth and D J Tomalin. (1977) £2.00
No 5 Historic towns in Surrey, by Martin O'Connell. (1977) £2.00
No 6 Excavations at Runnymede Bridge, Egham, 1976, by David Longley (1980) £2.00
No 7 199 Borough High Street, Southwark: excavations in 1962; Excavations at Guy's Hospital 1967. (1979) £2.00
No 8 Catteshall Mill, Godalming, Surrey, by Alan and Glenys Crocker. (1981) £2.00;
No 9 Excavations on the site of the Dominican Friary at Guildford, 1974 & 1976, by R Poulton & H Woods. (1984) £2.00
No 10 Petters Sports Field, Egham, by M O'Connell and S Needham. (1986) £2.00;
No 11 Archaeological investigations on the site of Chertsey Abbey, by R Poulton. (1988) £2.00

Research Papers (add £1.50 p&p per volume)

No 1  Roman relief-patterned flue tiles, by A W G Lowther. (1948) £5.00
No 2  A Mesolithic survey of the West Surrey Greensand, by W F Rankine. (1949) £5.00
No 5  Excavations in Southwark, by Kathleen M Kenyon. (1959) £5.00

Joint publications with London and Middlesex Archaeological Society (add £2 p&p per volume)

No 1 Southwark excavations 1972/4, Vols 1 & 2. (1978) £3.00 each
No 2 Excavations in Staines 1975-76, by K R Crouch & S A Shanks. (1984) £2.00
No 3 Excavations in Southwark 1973-6, Lambeth 1973-79, Museum of London, DGLA. (1988) £4.00

Other publications

Aspects of Archaeology & History in Surrey. (2004) £25.00 (add £4.70 p&p)
Hidden Depths: an archaeological exploration of Surrey's past (2002). £2.50 (add £2.00 p&p)

A Medieval Royal Complex at Guildford: Excavations at the Castle and Palace. (2005). £5.00 (add £3.40 p&p)
Surrey Aeronautics and Aviation 1785-1985 (1993). £3.95 (add £1.50 p&p)
Kingston's Past Rediscovered (1990). £6.95 (add £1.50 p&p)
The Sheriffs of Surrey (1992). £4.95 (add £1.50 p&p)
Pastors, Parishes and People in Surrey (1989). £2.95 (add £1.50 p&p)
Old Surrey Recipes & Food for Thought (1991) £3.95 (add £1.50 p&p)
Views of Surrey Churches (1979) £2.00 (add £2.50 p&p)
A Study of the Patterns on Roman Flue-Tiles and their Distribution (1948) £5.00 (add £2.00 p&p)
A Mesolithic Survey of the West Surrey Greensand (1950) £5.00 (add £2.00 p&p)
Miss Heath of Albury 1879-1959 (2005) £3.00 (add £1.50 p&p)
Explore Guildford (2010) £2.00 (add £1.50 p&p)
Archaeology and the M25 (1975) £2.00 (add £1.50 p&p)
Blechingley, A Short History (1949) £3.00 (add £1.50 p&p)
Saxon and Norman Staines (1982) £3.00 (add £1.50 p&p)
St Mary's Church, Barnes (2011) £3.00 (add £1.50 p&p)

Surrey History

The volumes of Surrey History are composed of a number of separately published issues.

Volumes 1-7 £1.00 per numbered issue (add £1.50 p&p)
Volumes 8-10 £3.00 per numbered issue (add £1.50 p&p)

Volume 11 £5.00 per numbered issue (add £1.50 p&p)

Volume 12 (2013) £5.00 per numbered issue (add £1.50 p&p)
Volume 13 (2014) £5.00 per numbered issue (add £1.50 p&p)

Village Studies Series: (add £2.00 p&p)

Shere: A Surrey Village in Maps. (2001) £3.00
Ewell: A Surrey village that became a town. (2004) £3.00
Thorpe: A Surrey Village in Maps. (2002) £3.00
Gomshall, Peaslake and Ewhurst: Rural Villages from Rural Vill (2010) £5.00

Esher : Origins and Development of a Surrey Village in Maps (2015) £10.00 plus £3.00 p&p.  (Orders for this volume will be forwarded to Esher District Local History Society.)

List of Offprints

(Note: offprint nos. 254 onwards can be supplied with covers - 40p extra)

The list below gives (in order):

Volume of the Surrey Archaeological Collections - SyAC - or other publication, in bold type, and year of publication. This is followed below by the offprint number; author(s); title; price - p&p extra

SyAC 21 1908

22         A find of sling bolts at Wonersh and a cinerary urn at Puttenham. 15p

SyAC 21 1908

23         Woods P, Family of John Perier, a short note. 15p

SyAC 24 1911

24         Woods P, John Perier the Charter Warden and the Manor of Ashurst. 15p

SyAC 28 1915

26          Johnston PM, Two chests at Leatherhead. 15p

SyAC 38 1930

28         Malden HE, The parish & curates of Capel. 15p

SyAC 55 1957
33         Ruby AT, The Manor of Pachenesham, Leatherhead, 20p

SyAC 60 1963
34         Turner DJ, Excavations at Carshalton, 1961, 20p

SyAC 62 1965

49         Carter H, The Wey Navigation Claims of 1671, 20p

50         Nail D, Meeting place of the Copthorne Hundred. 20p

SyAC 63 1966

52         Turner DJ, A moated site near Burstow Rectory, 20p
53         Wood ES & Thompson NP, A food vessel from Abinger Hammer, 20p

54         Ouseley MH, The right arms of John Whitgift. 50p

55         Evans OFH, The Family of St John of Lambeth. 20p

SyAC 65 1968
61         Hehir BO, The Family of Denham of Egham. 25p

67         Langham-Carter, The Duckitt expedition. 25p

68         McDowall RW, The Church of St. John the Baptist, Puttenham. 25p
69        Lewin S, The Church of St. Nicholas, Pyrford. 25p

SyAC 66 1969

71         Davies I, Seventeenth-Century Delftware Potters in St. Olave's Parish, Southwark. 25p
72         Nash M, Early Seventeenth-Century Schemes to make the Wey navigable. 25p

73         Raine H, Christopher Fawsett against the inmates. 25p

74         Cook A, Oatlands Palace excavations 1968. 25p

79         Smallwood FT, Battersea Manor House. 25p

SyAC 67 1970

81         Turner DJ, Queen's Well, Carshalton. 30p
83         Turner DJ, Wooden water pipe at Ravensbury Park, Mitcham. 25p

85         Johnston DE, A Mesolithic Site in West Ewell. 25p
86         Turner DJ, Medieval Pottery from Reigate, 25p
88         Drewett PL, The Excavation of a Turf-Walled Structure and other Fieldwork on Croham Hurst, Croydon, Surrey, 1968/69. 30p

SyAC 68 1971

89         Bishop MW, The Non-Belgic Iron Age in Surrey, 40p

90         Martin MC, David Geneste - a Huguenot vinegrower. 20p

92         Blatchley JM, Further notes on the monumental brasses of Surrey. 20p

93         Mason RT, Green's Farm, Newdigate. 20p

94         Turner JST, An Augustan election. 20p

95          Moorhouse S, Two Late and Post-Medieval Pottery Groups from Farnham Castle, Surrey. 20p
99         Turner DJ, A Late Medieval and Post-Medieval Pottery Sequence from 199 Borough High Street, Southwark. 20p

SyAC 69 1973

101       Muckelroy KW, Woodcote or Woodcote Warren, once a city. 15p

103       Moss GP, Advowson of Horley under Christ's Hospital. 30p

107       West EJ, Coombe Hill Farmhouse. 30p

109       Baker RGM, An early balloon ascent in Surrey. £1.00

111       Langham-Carter, Arnolds at Pains Hill Cottage. 15p

112       Campling PJ, Nathaniel Cohen and the beginnings of the Labour Exchange Movement in Great Britain. 20p


114       Drewett P, Old Town Croydon. 80p

115       Dawson GJ & Edwards R, Montague Close delftware factory. 15p

116       Dawson GJ, Excavations of a glasshouse. 25p

SyAC 70 1974

118       Pryer KA, Excavations at the Park, Carshalton. 25p

120       Millett M, A Group of 1st century pottery from Tilford. 15p

122       Turner DJ, Medieval pottery kiln at Bushfield Shaw - Earlsfield. 20p

123       Prendergast D, Limpsfield medieval coarseware. 40p

124       Woods H, Excavations in Reigate. 40p

125       Dawson GJ, A new delftware shape. 15p

127       Lindus Forge J, Obituaries of buildings (1974). 30p

128       Lyne M & Jefferies RS, The Alice Holt Medieval Potters. 20p


131       Dawson GJ, Montague Close excavations 1969-73 pt.1, General survey. 50p

132       Barfoot & Williams, The Saxon Barrow at Gally Hills, Banstead Down. 35p

133       Gabel C, St Catherine's Hill, a Mesolithic site near Guildford. 50p

134       Machin EL, Report on the Mesolithic industry of Weston Wood, Albury. 20p


135       Longley D, Excavations of a late BA settlement at Runnymede Bridge Egham. 25p

SyAC 71 1977

136       O'Connor TP, Environmental sampling. 20p

137       Ellaby RL, Mesolithic site at Wonham. 20p

139       Dawson GJ, Roads, Bridges and the Origin of Roman London. 20p

140       Walker TEC, Cobham incumbents. 50p

141       Ketteringham L, Coulsdon church. 20p

142       Streitberger W, Letter from Edward Tilney. 20p

143       Green L, Merton Priory. 20p

146       Turner DJ, Moat Farm, Hookwood, Charlwood. 55p

147       Le Fevre M, Education in Weybridge. 40p

149       Shearman P, Topography of medieval Ewell. 20p

150       Lindus Forge J, Obituaries of buildings (1977). 30p

151       Mercer D, The Deepdene, Dorking. 20p


152       Tyers & Marsh, Roman pottery from Southwark. £1.00


153       Turner DJ, & Orton CR, Borough High Street, Southwark , Excavations in 1962. £1.75p

154      Dawson GJ, Excavations at Guy's Hospital 1967. £2.75p

SyAC 72 1980

155       Wallis T & Cotton J, Palaeoliths from the North Downs at Lower Kingswood. 90p

156       Needham S, A bronze from Winterfold Heath. 50p

157       O'Connell M, The Wheatsheaf, Dorking. 60p

159       Saunders PR, Saxon barrows evcavated by Pitt Rivers on Merrow Downs. 40p

160       Orton CR, Excavation at 32 Burleigh Avenue, Wallington, 1921 & 1976. 35p

163       Blair J, The Surrey endowments of Lewes Priory before 1200. £1.25p

164       Flynn K, Mural painting in the church of SS Peter & Paul, Chelsham. £1.25p

165       Meekings C, Notes on the De'Abernon family. 75p

166       Williams D, Excavation at Brewery Yard, Reigate. 65p

167       Taylor B, Surrey Patronage of Deans of Salisbury 25p

168       Alcock J, Sir Wm Chambers & the building of Parkstead House, Roehampton. £1.00

170       Bird D et al, Archaeology in Surrey 1976-78. 40p

SyAC 73 1982

171       Wood ES, A Sixteenth Century Glasshouse at Knightons, Alfold. £1.75

172       Orton C, Excavation of a late medieval/transitional pottery kiln at Cheam. £1.75p

173       O'Connell M, Wisley: excavation in 1978. Burpham: excavation in 1978. 50p

174       Cole G, Excavation at Park Row, Farnham; a medieval pottery kiln. 55p

175       Stratton HJM & Pardoe BFJ, The History of Chertsey Bridge. 50p

176       Elsdon S, Later BA pottery from Farnham. 55p

177       Haveron F, Pise buildings at Newlands Corner. 25p

178       Gray P, Cogman's Farm, Burstow: a Surrey base cruck. 20p

180       Tomalin D, BA swords of Ballintober type found at Mixnams Pit, Thorpe. 20p

181       Cotton J, An Iron Age brooch from Seymour's Nursery, Ewell. 15p

183       Egan P & Pritchard, Two leaden seal fragments from the Old Vicarage, Reigate. 15p

184       Blair J, Early history of Horne: addendum. 10p

185       Clark B, The Barons, Reigate. 10p

SyAC 74 1983

186      Renn D, Pachenesham, Leatherhead. £1.75

190       Russell MJ, King and Queen, Caterham. 35p

191       Quiney AP, Whitehall, Cheam. 20p

192       Field D & Woolley K, Jadeite axe, Staines Moor. 20p

193       Hampton J & Hawkins N, Monument Hill, Woking. 30p

195       Field D, Ham: The Edwards collection. 50p

196       Bird D et al, Archaeology in Surrey 1981. 30p

198       Cotton J, Palaeoliths from Castle Ave., Northey Ave.& West Mead, Ewell. 10p

199       Nicolaysen P, Handaxes from Surrey. 10p

200       Bott A, A meso mace-head from the Thames foreshore at Ham. 10p

201       Ellaby R, Ashtead: a Mesolithic tranchet axe. 10p

202       Field D, Two flint daggers from Kingston. 10p

203       Williams D, Neolithic axe from Buckland. 10p

204       Adkins R, A fragment of a neolithic axe from Warlingham. 10p

205       O'Connell M & Poulton R, An excavation at Castle Hill, Godstone. 10p

206       Rendall R, Iron Age and Roman Pottery Sherds from Richmond.Park. 30p


210       Biddle M, The stuccoes of Nonsuch. £1.00p

SyAC 75 1984

211       Batley J & Moss G, A catalogue of pictures of Surrey & elsewhere by John & Edward Hassell. £4.00

214       Williams D, Excavations at 43 High Street, Reigate, 1981 £1.30p

217       Baker RGM, William Talman & a supposed project to improve Hampton Court. 20p

218       O'Connell M, Green Lane, Wanborough, 1979. 35p

219       Ellaby R, A deserted medieval farmstead in Woodlands Field, Earlswood. 35p

221       Cotton J, 3 later neolithic discoidal knives from north east Surrey. 25p

222       Ketteringham L, Excavations at Lagham Manor, South Godstone, Surrey. 45p

223       Wakeford J, Two Wahl names in the fields of Kingston. 20p

224       Myatt-Price E, List of theses in history & archaeology relating to Surrey. 20p

226       Poulton R & O'Connell M, St George's Hill fort: excavations in 1981. 20p

228       Hinton M, An ancient burial ground in Canbury Field, Kingston. 10p

229       Poulton R & O'Connell M, Recent discoveries south of Tyrells Wood golf course, nr Leatherhead. 10p

230       Graham D, Documentary evidence possibly relating to the medieval pottery kiln at Park Row, Farnham. 10p

231       Holling F, Early post-medieval pottery from 137 High St., Guildford. 20p

232       Gower JL, 3 pellets of Egyptian blue from the Ashtead Roman villa. 10p

233       Adkins L, A baked clay weight from Wallington. 10p

SyAC 76 1985

237       Ellaby R, Prehist.& Medieval occupation near Flanchford Mill, Reigate. 40p

239       Hawkins N, Excavation of a Romano-British & later site at Black Close, Mayford, Woking. 30p

240       Lehmann HL, A description of Epsom Well 1662. 10p

241       Barfoot JF, Excavations at the Old Quarry, Ashtead, Sy. 30p

242       Blackman M, The Drake family of Esher & Walton on Thames. 45p

243       Nelson S, Further discoveries of burials at Fir Tree Road Banstead. 10p

244       Cotton J, Palaeoliths from the North Downs at Lower Kingswood. 10p

245       Wakeford J, The Royal portraits formerly at Kingston upon Thames. 20p

246       Field D & Needham S, A Bronze palstave from N.W. Surrey. 10p

SyAC 77 1986

252       Poulton R, Reigate Old Vicarage Excavations 1977-82. £3.25

253       Williams E, An architectural history of Royal Holloway College, Egham, 1884-87. £1.50

254       Field D & Needham S, Evidence for BA settlement on Coombe Warren, Kingston Hill. £1.00

256       Renn D, Scratch dials in Surrey. 35p

257       Trotter WR, 'Mummy wheat' at Albury. 30p

258       Colthorpe M, Queen Elizabeth I and the Croydon horse race... 25p

259       Adkins L & Adkins R, Mesolithic, Neolithic & BA flint artefacts from Little Woodcote. 40p

260       Alexander M, Shrove Tuesday football in Surrey. 35p

261       Draper L, West End post-medieval iron-working site, western Weald. 20p

262       Greenwood J, Sources for 17th century population estimates. 10p

263       Bird D et al, Archaeology in Surrey 1984. 40p

SyAC 78 1987

272       Poulton R & O'Connell M, Excavation of a Romano-British site in West Street, Ewell. 25p

275       Turner DJ, Historic buildings: conservation areas & planning matters in Surrey 1985-6. 70p

276       Notes from Vol 78: Kingham's/ Lion & Lamb Yard & The Borough sewer trench, Farnham; Portrait of Jane Bradbury; Excav. at 28-31 Wimbledon High St.; The Chertsey shield; Prehistoric flint sites at Sandy Meadow, Wotton; A slipware bowl from Epsom; Mesolithic tranchet axe from Carshalton; St Nicolas Churchyard, Guildford. £1.05p

SyAC 79 1989

277       Russell MJG, Excavation of a multi-period site in Weston Wood, Albury: the pottery. £1.50p

278       Tomalin D, A Roman symmetrical flanged bronze strainer. 40p

279       Poulton R, Rescue excavations on an early Saxon cemetery site at Ashtead, nr Leatherhead. 90p

280       Field D, Felday, Holmbury St Mary: an earthwork enclosure of c1st AD. 60p

281       Taylor D, Old Mistral, Cobham: a 16thC warrener's house identified. 25p

282       Ketteringham L, Two medieval pottery kilns at Limpsfield Chart. 65p

283       Barfoot J & Cotton J, A Collection of lithic debitage from the Lower Greensand at Holmbury Hill. 40p

284       Orton C, Recent archaeological work in Carshalton, a dip-slope, spring-line settlement. 35p

285       Reid M, Reports on sites investigated by Waverley Archaeological Unit in Farnham, Surrey. 15p

286       Bird D et al, Archaeology in Surrey 1987. 35p

SyAC 79 1989

287       Turner DJ, Historic buildings, conservation areas & planning matters in Surrey, 1987. 40p

288       Williams D & Wilson T, A fragment of Italian majolica from Merstham. 10p

289       Reid M & Smith J, 35-36 The Borough, Farnham. 15p

290       Rudd WJ, A bit of old Morden revealed. 10p

291       Nicolaysen P, A late Upper Palaeolithic backed blade from Ashtead Farm; Graham D, Bronze Age flat axe from Green Lane, Farnham. 10p

292       Bird J, A Roman flagon from Ewell. 10p

293       Gower JL, The Wotton Roman inscribed stone-an antiquarian hoax. 10p

SyAC 80 1991

294       O'Connell M, Excavations during 1979-855 of a multi-period site at Stanwell. £3.10

295       Bierton G, 'To the Great Common...' the Journal of the Rev Charles Kerry. 65p

296       Jones P et al, Excavations at Yeoveney near Staines 1982. 75p

297       Ketteringham L, The M25 Motorway from Godstone to the Kent boundary. 60p

298       Field D et al, Prehistoric material from sites near Slines Oaks & Worms Heath, Chelsham. 65p

299       Fitzpatrick A, A hoard of Iron Age Class II potin coins from New Addington. 30p

300       Wickham A, Church recording. 35p

301       Cotton J & Poulton R, The Esso Pipeline 1981: archaeological excavations. 30p

302       Cole GH, Excavations at Brookside, Bridge Rd & off Half Moon St, Bagshot. 60p

303       Beagrie N & Scott E, The Surrey excavation index. 35p

304       Alexander M & Arthur J, Excavation & building recording at 196 High Street, Guildford. 40p

305       Field D, A survey of earthworks at Castle Hill & Chessington Park. 30p

306       Bird D et al, Archaeology in Surrey 1988-89. £1.35

307       Batchelor D, Newark Priory. 10p

308       Alexander M, A medieval coffin chalice from Ockley. 10p

309       Williams D, Two stone hammers from E. Surrey. 10p

SyAC 81 1992

310       Hayman G, Further excavations at the Goblin Works, Ashtead. 90p

311       Saaler M, The Manor of Tillingdown: the changing economy of the demesne 1325-71. £1.10

312       Crocker G, The place of Godalming in the hosiery & knitwear industry. £1.50

313       Field D et al, Excavations at Eden Walk II, Kingston: environmental reconstruction & prehistoric finds. £1.00

314       English J & Field D, A Survey of earthworks at Hammer Meadow, Abinger Hammer. 25p

315       Budgen C, The Bramley and Rudgwick Turnpike Trust. 30p

316       Williams D, Two sites in Betchworth, 1986: Excavations at Church Barn and in The Street. £1.50

317       Myatt-Price E, List 3 of theses in history & archaeology relating to Surrey. 25p

318       Turner D, Historic buildings, conservation and planning matters in Surrey, 1988-90. 40p

319       Bird D et al, Archaeology in Surrey 1990. £1.25

320       Williams D, A salvage excavation near Reigate Priory. 20p

321       Williams D, Two late BA axes from Perrotts Farm, Banstead. 10p

322       Williams D, A painted inscription from 20-22 High Street, Reigate. 20p

323       Notes from Vol 81: A pewter spoon from Tilford; A flint adze from Surbiton; A misreading of a farthing token of James Levitt. 25p

SyAC 82 1994

325       Stevenson J, The Nesbitts of Norwood House 55p

326       Crocker A, The tramway at the Chilworth gunpowder works 75p

327       Williams D, A late Bronze Age site in Priory Park, Reigate. 30p

328       Bird D et al, Archaeology in Surrey 1991. 85p

329       Notes from Vol 82: Earthworks at St Ann's Hill, Chertsey; Neolithic ground flint ace from Chobham; A native N American projectile point from Cranleigh. 40p

SyAC 83 1996

330       Skelton AC, New light on the development of Carshalton Church. 95p

331       Bott A, Wall paintings in Godalming Church. 75p

332       Turner D, The Norman owners of Blechingley Castle:a review. £1.00

333       Saaler M, The Manor of Farleigh: the evidence for economic changes during the 14th century. 75p

334       Cotton J, Struck flints from Ham Dip Pond, Richmond Park. 40p

335       Bird J, A Romano-British priestly head dress from Farley Heath. 45p

336       Williams D, The 1990 Reigate coin hoard. 30p

337       Munden R, George Moore, 1553-1632. £1.40

338       Fairclough KR, The hard case of Sir Polycarpus Wharton. 55p

339       Montague EN, Merton Mills and Wandlebank House. £1.05

340       Crocker A, Paper excise stamps on a re-used Haslemere ream-wrapper. 30p

341       Williams D, Some recent finds from East Surrey. £1.10

342       Bird D et al, Archaeology in Surrey 1992-3. £2.10

343       Notes from Vol 83: A Late BA razor from S.Croydon; A late BA barbed spearhead from Priory Park; The hoard of IA Class II potin coins from New Addington; Roman objects from Wanborough; Chelsham a 'new' Roman villa; Two Roman phallic pendants from Surrey; Two lead weights from Surrey.90p

SyAC 84 1997

344       Hayman G, The excavation of two medieval pottery kiln sites & two sections through the London-Lewes Roman road at Clacket Lane, near Titsey. 1992. £3.50

347       Riall N, A medieval tile kiln in Farnham Park. £1.05

348       Graham D & A, Excavations at Willmer House, Farnham. 50p

349       Cotton J & Williams D, Two early Bronze Age flat-axes from Warlingham & South Nutfield. 20p

350       Bird J, A Romano-British clasp-knife from North Holmwood. 10p

351       Bird J, A Romano-British linch-pin head from Chelsham. 15p

352       Higgins D, A possible Roman buckle-plate from Betchworth. 10p

353       Williams D, Two Anglo-Scandinavian harness cheek-pieces from Tandridge & Nutfield. 10p

354       Jackson G et al, Archaeology in Surrey, 1994-5. £2.00

SyAC 85 1998

355       Poulton R & Jones P, Archaeological investigation of historic Surrey towns: Chertsey. £3.45

356       Hayman G, Archaeological investigation of historic Surrey towns: Dorking. £2.40

357       Poulton R et al, Archaeological investigation of historic Surrey towns: Farnham. £3.45

358       Poulton R et al, Archaeological investigation of historic Surrey towns: Godalming. £3.20

359       Jones P, Towards a type series of medieval pottery in Surrey to AD 1700. £2.00

SyAC 86 1999

360       Field D, Nicolaysen P, & Cotton J, The Palaeolithic sites at Limpsfield, Surrey: an analysis of artefacts collected by A M Bell. £1.60

361       Bott A, Goodall J & Gravett K, The ancient roofs and heraldic bosses in Godalming Church. 95p

362       Fairclough K, Thomas Coram: his brief career as a gunpowder producer. £1.00

363       Crocker A, Paddington Mill, Abinger: a survey of a derelict corn mill. £1.55

364       Bird D, Possible late Roman or early Saxon fish weirs at Ferry Lane, Shepperton. 95p

365       Killock D, Late medieval & post-medieval developments at 100-104 Bermondsey Street, Southwark. 75p

366       Hawkins D & Leaver S, An Iron Age settlement at Alpine Avenue, Tolworth. 45p

367       Hall M, Excavation of a part of a Roman settlement at Charterhouse, near Godalming, 1994. 55p

368       Graham D&A & Nicolaysen P, Surface collection of worked flints from the Thursley Common area. 35p

369       Williams D, Some recent finds from Surrey. £1.35

370       Notes: Middle BA side-looped spearhead from Ashtead, by J Cotton/ Middle BA spearhead from Buckland, by D Williams/ BA bracelet from Cranleigh, by S Huson/ RB cosmetic mortar from Chipstead, by J Bird/ Roman cavalry pendant from Westcott, by J Bird/ Arch. Investigations of land at Ravenscroft Rd, St George's Hill, Weybridge, by D Hawkins, & A Douglas/ Burials on the Hog's Back excavated in 1935, by J English & S Dyer. 90p

371       Jackson G et al, Archaeology in Surrey 1996-7. £1.95

372       Antiquities from Surrey in West Midlands museums, by P Watson/ The case of the gold & sapphire Tudor pin from Farnham Park, by D Graham. 30p

SyAC 87 2000

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SyAC 88 2001

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390       Crocker A, Water turbines in Surrey. £2.30

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SyAC 89 2002

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409       Bishop B, Excavations at 17-23 Woodbines Avenue, Kingston upon Thames. 40p

410       Bird D, Chiddingfold Roman villa: a suggested reinterpretation. 20p

411       English J, A hoard of LBA metalwork from the Hog's Back, near Guildford. 10p

412       Hawkins D & Lowe J, Mouliniere House: an 18th century Wandsworth mansion. 30p

SyAC 90 2003

413       McKinley J, The early Saxon cemetery at Park Lane, Croydon. £5.80

414       Harp P & Hines J, The Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Headley Drive, Tadworth, near Banstead. £1.45

415       Hill P & Thompson L, The swords from the Saxon cemetery at Mitcham. 75p

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SyAC 91 2004

447       Ford S, Excavation of late Saxon/early medieval deposits at Mitcham Vicarage ... Mitcham. 60p

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455       Clough H, Excavations at 19 High Street, Reigate. 40p

456       Notes: Leary J, A multi-period site at ... Stanwell/ Hall A, Investigation of Stane Street at S Holmwood/ Hall A & English J, The Rowhook-Farley Heath branch road excavated by Margary & Clark. 70p 

458       Graham D, To change the law: the story behind the Treasure Act 1996. 40p

459       Howe T et al, Archaeology in Surrey 2003. £1.05

SyAC 92 2005

460       Leary J, Branch N & Bishop B, 10,000 years in the life of the river Wandle: excavations at the former Vinamul site, Butter Hill, Wallington. £1.40

461       Poulton R, Excavations near Broad Street Common, Worplesdon, Guildford in 1994, 1997 & 1998. £3.00

463       Williams D, Three sites in Reigate: 12-14 London Road, 20-22 and 74-76 High Street. £1.10

464       Fairclough K & Crocker G, Chilworth gunpowder mills in the period of the Dutch Wars. 65p

465       Stevenson J, An archaeological excavation at Long Grove Road, Epsom. 50p

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467       Crocker A, Disparking the Royal Park of Guildford. £1.45

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469       Harp P, Work at the Palaeolithic site at Rookery Farm, Lower Kingswood. 70p

470       English J, Survey of a post-medieval ‘squatter' occupation site and 19th century military earthworks at Hungry Hill, Upper Hale, near Farnham. 45p

471       Notes: Cotton J, Two LBA copper-alloy ingot caches from the N Downs at Botley Hill & Biggin Hill / Williams D, A late 2nd century coins hoard from Leigh / English J, Two examples of Roman pottery repair in antiquity/ Taylor B, Northumberland and Essex in Surrey / Thompson R, The Kingston tokens of Thomas Edmondes. 95p

472       Howe T et al, Archaeology in Surrey 2005. £1.10

SyAC 93 2007

474      Williams, D, Green Lane, Wanborough: excavations at the Roman religious site 1999. £5

SyAC 94 2008

475      Hayman, G. & Jones, P. Archaeological work at Matthew Arnold School, Laleham, in 1989-90 and 1994. £2.65

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478     Taylor, D. Cobham Lodge, Cobham: the house and the early history of the site. 65p

479     Hayman, G. Excavation at The Manor House, Pirbright, 1996-7. £1.00

480     Bishop, B. J. A microlithic industry from Woodbridge Road, Guildford. £1.65

481     Cowie, R. & Cocoran, J. The prehistoric, Roman and later landscape between Watling Street and Bermondsey Eyot: investigations at Rephidim Street and Hartley’s Jam Factory, Bermondsey. £1.05

482     Graham, D. & A. et al. A probable Bronze Age mound on the King’s Ridge, Frensham Common. 45p

483     Hayman, G. Archaeological excavations at Antiebury Camp hillfort, Coldharbour in 1989 and 1991. 85p

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486     Hayman, G. Excavation on a possible Roman villa and earlier activity at land off Wyphurst Road, Cranleigh. £2.20

487     Williams, D. A late Bronze Age hoard from Norbury Park, Mickleham. 45p

488     Norton, A. & Shepherd, N. Excavations at The Bittons, Kingston upon Thams. 40p

489     Saxby, D. A 15th century tile kiln and the 18th century ‘Abbey Gate House’ excavated at Furnitureland, Merton. 50p

490     Williams, D. & English, J./Hall, A. & Stanley, P./ Williams, D./Saxby, D./ Streitberger, W./ Graham, D. & A./ Bennett, J. & Moffatt, A. Notes: Lithic objects from Plonk’s Hill, Shamley Green/ The Iron Age and Roman pottery from Woodlands Park, Leatherhead/ A Roman ditch at 80 Doods Road, Reigate/ The Roman road Stane Street uncovered in Merton/ New evidence dating the letter from Edmund Tilney to Sir William More/ A sawpit in Farnham Park/ The origin of Thor’s Stone on Thursley Common, near Elstead. £1.60

491     Howe, T. et al Archaeology in Surrey 2005-6. £1.85

SyAC 95 2010

492       Seager Thomas, M  A re-contextualisation of the prehistoric pottery from the Surrey hillforts of Hascombe, Holmbury and Anstiebury. £1.75

493       Leary, J, Lythe, R, & Brown J  Excavations at Great Fosters Hotel, Egham. £1.15

494       Eddisford, D  A medieval moat at Hope Cottage, High Street, Egham. 55p

495       Darton, L  Evidence for a monastic and post-Dissolution boundary from 171–173 Bermondsey Street, Southwark. £1.25

496       Brown, G & Taylor J  Medieval embankment and post-medieval development at Bermondsey Wall West. £2.50

497       Jarrett, C et al.  Flints and frying pans: excavations at 11–13 Point Pleasant and the Morganite Works, Wandsworth. £1.55

498       Gerhold, D  Wandsworth’s industrial transformation, c 1634–90. £1.25

499       Gerhold, D  The rise and fall of the Surrey Iron Railway, 1802–46. £1.00

500       Service, M  The home estate, granges and smaller properties of Waverley Abbey. £2.45     

501       Thompson, S & Birbeck, V  Investigations at Wayneflete’s Tower, Esher. 70p

502       Ellaby, R  Horley revisited: reflections on the place-name of a Wealden settlement. 55p

503       Hayman, G  Excavations at 46–50 High Street, Ewell, 1994. 85p

504       Clarke, C/ Hall, A. Notes: Early Neolithic activity near Compton, Guildford/ Further evidence for the line of Stane Street to the south of Epsom. 40p

505       Howe, T, Jackson, G & Maloney C  Archaeology in Surrey 2007.      £1.30

SyAC 96 2011

506       Cowie, R & McCracken, S  St Mary’s church, Barnes: archaeological investigations, 1978-83. £2.50


507       Keith-Lucas, F   A Tudor hinterland: drainage, bridging and tanning at 156-170 Bermondsey Street, Southwark. £1.85


508       Saul, N  The Lovekyns and the Lovekyn Chapel at Kingston upon Thames. £1.25


509       Bird, D  Excavations at a medieval and early post-medieval site at Sutton Park, near Guildford, 1978-1986. £3.35


510       Graham, D and Graham  A Recent investigations on the site of the Roman buildings at White Beech, Chiddingfold. 85p


511       Taylor, J et al  Crop processing and burnt grain in Roman Croydon. £1.25


512       Weale, A  Neolithic occupation, with an early date for Mortlake Ware, at parsons Mead School, Ashtead. 65p


513       Pemberton, F and Harte, J  Excavations at the Roman settlement in Ewell, 1970-2: Ewell Grove and Grove Cottage. £1.55


514       Howe, T, Jackson, G and Maloney, C  Archaeology in Surrey 2008-9. £2.25


SyAC 97 2013
515 Bird, D. The gatehouse wing at Sutton Place, near Guildford: excavations and other fieldwork 1981–2 and further research. £1.35
516 Harp, P. Excavation at Wayneflete’s Tower, Esher: 18th century alterations by William Kent. 90p
517 Boyer, P and Keys, L. Saxon iron smelting in Bermondsey? Archaeological investigations at 150–156 Abbey Street. 90p
518 Clarke, C. The excavation of a Romano-British trackway and a post-medieval tannery at Spa Road, Bermondsey. £1.45
519 Dawson, G. Two late medieval tithe-lists from St Margaret’s, Southwark. £2.20
520 Knight, H. Excavations at Bridge Wharf, Chertsey, 2001–9. 55p
521 Wright, M. The tomb of Archbishop George Abbot. 70p
522 Bird, J. An elaborately repaired flagon and other pottery from Roman cremation burials at Farley Heath. 55p
523 English, J. A barrow on the Hog’s Back, excavated by A J Clark. 90p
524 Rudling, D. A copper-alloy boar figurine from Flexford, near Guildford. 30p
525 Hall, A. Searching for lost Roman roads at Tayles Hill, Ewell and Juniper Hall, Dorking. 30p
526 English, J. Markwick and Monktonhook: the Wealden manors of Waverley Abbey. 40p
527 Watson, B. A 1535 inventory of plate in Suffolk Place Palace chapel, Southwark. 45p
528 Howe, T, Jackson, G and Maloney, C. Archaeology in Surrey 2010. £1.60

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