List of Surrey Site Codes

Please note this page is work in progress. Please contact Emma Coburn, Administrator for more information about inputting Site Codes.

Site Code Site Name Date Site Director
ARV Ashtead Common Roman villa and tileworks 2006 - 2011 (ongoing) D Bird
CFA Cocks Farm Abinger 2009, 2010 and 2011 (ongoing) D Bird
FLE11 T14 to T23 Flexford 2011 D Calow
MG Mitcham Grove 1974 D Bird
OCR Ockham Common ridges D Bird
RHS 43a Reigate High Street D Bird
ROV Reigate Old Vicarage D Bird
SPK Sutton Park 1978 – 1986 D Bird
SPL Sutton Place 1981 and 1982 D Bird
SSW Pool End Shepperton (Sheep Walk) D Bird
NFE Northey Field Ewell fieldwalking 2009-2011 Nikki Cowlard
NLE North Looe Ewell fieldwalking 2009-2010 Nikki Cowlard
LBE Langley Bottom Epsom fieldwalking 2009-date Nikki Cowlard
CME Church Meadow Ewell excavation 2012-date Jon Cotton